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Benefits of a Custom Fitted Ankle Brace

Ankle Pain Treatment

If you injured your ankle, chances are, you’ll need some sort of ankle support or brace to help it heal correctly. While you could get a generic one at a store, there are many benefits of getting a custom-fit one from a trusted podiatrist.

So what are some reasons you should consult with a doctor about receiving a custom ankle brace?

Tailored To Your Specific Needs

A regular ankle brace at a store is made to be one-size-fits-all. There are no specifications to it that are tailored to your unique needs. When you receive a custom-made ankle brace at Mitchell Foot & Ankle, you can rest assured that it’s perfect for your foot type, and this will produce the best healing results.

For example, some have flat feet while others have high arches. Some have narrow feet while others have broad feet. Also, not all foot and ankle injuries produce the same issues. Therefore, getting a custom-made brace will ensure the exact problems your ankle has are being addressed and supported.


It’s vital that your ankle brace keeps you stabilized during the healing process. When you get a custom-made brace or orthotic, the doctor is able to ensure that the exact ligament or bone that’s injured is relieved from pressure and can recover.

If a generic ankle brace focuses on the wrong ligament, you may even cause your injury to worsen and cause the healing time to be lengthened.

Increased Balance

You must have proper balance with your ankle brace for your foot to heal properly and for your walking to not be affected on a daily basis. A custom foot brace is much more likely to give an individual better balance than a generic foot brace. Without strong balance, the individual is more prone to falls and more injuries.

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If you’ve recently had a foot or ankle injury, don’t take the chance with a store-bought brace. You won’t be receiving the support you need to fully heal and you may even be risking making the situation worse. If you have ankle pain in Hyde Park, contact our foot doctor on the south side of Chicago, IL today.

We look forward to helping you heal and putting your best foot forward, in a brace that’s meant just for you! Schedule an appointment today for superior foot and ankle care.


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