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Calluses are typically harmless and are nothing more than hardened, extra coarse skin on the foot. However, they have the potential to become more serious if the layers of skin become too thick or get infected and crack. Following are some ways you can prevent calluses this season, as prevention is the best treatment!

Let Your Feet Breathe

When the weather heats up and your feet get warm and sweaty, it’s important to wear shoes that aren’t constricting and let your feet breathe. Without receiving proper airflow or by being too constricted, they will most likely sweat a lot, which then causes blisters and calluses. Lighter, open-toed sandals and shoes will allow your feet to breathe, helping prevent calluses and other skin issues on your feet.


Hot weather can also mean dryness and humidity. If the skin on your feet becomes dry, it’ll be more susceptible to cracks, which can then turn into calluses, blisters, or infections. We recommend you use a thick foot cream with vitamins and other skin-healthy ingredients over any rough patches or dry skin to keep your feet hydrated all summer long.

Wear the Right Accessories

The type of shoes is not the only thing that matters when it comes to preventing calluses – it’s also about how they fit and what you wear them with. Even if you’re wearing open-toed shoes or sandals that let your feet breathe, it’s important to ensure they’re not too tight. You also want to make sure you’re not wearing too-tight socks, as those could cause calluses as well.

Arch support inserts can also help prevent calluses by providing even weight distribution, and also makes your shoes more comfortable all around.

Don’t Walk Barefoot

Calluses on your feet occur when the skin hardens up, and walking on the ground barefoot is a sure-fire way to harden up your skin. It’s tempting to not wear shoes as much over the summer during outside activities, but doing so can protect your feet. Make sure to always wear water shoes or flip flops when walking outdoors at public pools or spaces.

This will not only help prevent calluses, but prevent other foot-related issues such as athlete’s foot or warts.

Consult With Your Podiatrist

If you’re having trouble preventing calluses or can’t seem to get rid of yours, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced podiatrists. If you’re looking for the best foot callus remover on the market, the answer is consulting with a trained doctor. Removing calluses by yourself may cause more harm than good if they’ve progressed.

We want you to be as confident as possible about your foot and ankle health this summer. If you’re experiencing issues with calluses or any other foot- or ankle-related problem, give us a call today!


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