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Geriatric Summer Foot Care Tips | Foot Doctor Bronzeville

Geriatric Foot Care
At Mitchell Foot & Ankle, we are experienced in helping patients of all ages, including the elderly. Given that geriatric patients may be extra susceptible to injury or disease, it’s important that they take as great care of their feet as possible.

Summertime can bring on new challenges, so read on to learn more about how the elderly can take better care of their feet in the summer heat.

Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is extremely important in preventing skin cancer and other skin complications. While you may put some on before heading outside, you may forget to apply it to your feet as well. While they’re a commonly forgotten about as part of the application process, your feet are not immune to getting burnt. Make sure to slather on sunscreen on your feet if you’re wearing sandals or are walking barefoot on the beach.

Don’t Go Barefoot

While you’ll inevitably be walking barefoot in some outdoor summer destinations such as in the sand at the beach, you should always try to wear shoes if you can. Public pools are an extremely common place where you can get athlete’s foot and other fungal infections; they can be easily avoided by wearing swim shoes, sandals, or flip flops while walking around. 

Walking barefoot means you’re also at higher risk of getting an ankle injury, such as an ankle sprain, by not supporting your feet. Try your best to avoid your bare feet walking on the ground whenever possible.

Watch Out for Sores

Foot sores seem like they may not be that dangerous, but for the elderly, they can pose a major threat. Especially if an individual has problems with mobility, circulation, or diabetes, sores can be even more dangerous. Foot sores heal partially by receiving adequate blood flow, so without that, they will have a harder time healing and will be at a higher risk for infections.

Because of that, you should always be on the lookout for any bumps, sores, scratches, or scrapes, as they could turn into sores. Ensuring you never go barefoot also helps prevent sores.

Keep it Moving

Over the summer, it’s tempting to engage in relaxing activities such as lounging by the pool or beach. However, it’s vital to always get adequate exercise. There are countless physical and mental health benefits of working out, including boosting circulation to your feet and toes. 

Even if you have mobility limitations, it doesn’t take much to get your circulation going. You can be seated and do exercises such as ankle rolls, wiggling your toes, or flexing and pointing your feet. If you have more mobility, try to get out on a walk or some sort of physical activity every day. 

Consult With Your Podiatrist

The best way to ensure your feet are in healthy condition is to meet with your podiatrist. The team at Mitchell Foot & Ankle has ample experience in helping patients deal with foot issues of all kinds, from heel pain to wound care to neuromas to arthritis and more. 

If you want to make sure your feet are ready for summer and are looking for the best podiatrist in Bronzeville for your or a loved one, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. 


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