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How to Prevent Plantar Warts

Approximately 10% of people experience plantar warts at some point in their life, so it is safe to assume that you know several people who have suffered from this skin condition. They are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and enter your skin through microscopic cuts or breaks on the bottom of your feet.

Though it is more common in children, adults are also in jeopardy, and contracted warts on the feet can last for a duration of years. In order to prevent any complications that may come from developing these warts, follow these principles and maintain proper hygiene.

Plantar Warts

Preventative Measures

The first step to reducing your risk of contracting these growths is to avoid touching a wart at all times, even if they are on you. Wash your hands after each instance of interacting with your own infected skin or those of others, and avoid scratching or itching. If you use a pumice stone or other skin care item, refrain from using the product on the afflicted area and healthy skin.

It is best to keep sandals on and avoid walking barefoot in a locker room or pool, as these locations are hotbeds for viruses. Try to keep your feet as dry and sanitary as possible in order to limit the spread and keep your skin vibrant.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Though they will disappear over time, if patches are left untreated then your foot structure can be affected, causing severe pain. Though there are many popular home remedies, such as duct tape, the only surefire strategy for treating warts would be to visit a medical professional.

If you suffer from the dreaded black dots and want help removing your warts, contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle to get the most satisfactory results!


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