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Hurting for Fashion: the Effects of High Heels

High Heels

Many people adore the way a high heel punctuates a fashion moment. The origin of high heel wearing dates back centuries, first rising to prominence in style on the feet of aristocratic men. While wearing a heel may make a person feel more powerful, there are many negative health effects to be aware of.

Body Parts Affected by Heel-Wearing

Anyone who has worn heels knows the pressure sensation that comes with it, affecting their ankle joint, Achilles tendon, ball of the feet, and toes. However, it’s not just the feet and ankles that are affected by repeated high heel-wearing. Your knees also suffer from added pressure and your spine will be shifted out of alignment, forced forward at the lower back.

Health Effects

With repeated wear, many people who choose high heels will experience corns, calluses, hammertoes, and bunions. Some will even develop Morton’s neuroma or plantar fasciitis. Issues with the spine and knees are also possible, especially as the person ages.

What You Can Do

We understand that many people will continue choosing heels for special occasions, their work, or for fun. Wearing thicker heels (as opposed to stilettos) can be a good alternative as this type of shoe better distributes a person’s weight. If you walk to work or a special event, consider carrying the heels and changing when you arrive at your destination. In all other situations, be sure to wear appropriate footwear—such as sneakers at the gym and supportive footwear while running errands.

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