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Preparing Your Feet For Winter

Winter is getting close and we know shoes become a big source of discussion for many people. Which shoes provide the most comfort? How should my winter boots fit? Our foot doctor near Chatham has all the answers for you to keep your feet warm as the snow begins to fall.


Opt For Natural Socks

We all want warm feet during the winter, but make sure you are choosing the right socks to keep your feet healthy, too. Look for socks made from cotton or wool—not synthetic blends—because the natural materials are more absorbent, leading your feet to sweat less than usual.


Make Sure Your Boots Fit Well

No matter what the weather is, your shoes should always fit properly. In the winter, if you are wearing shoes that fit too tightly, it will affect your blood flow and cause your feet to get very cold easily. When the shoes are too big, your feet will move and cause friction, leading to sores and blisters. If you are wearing a boot, you should be able to wiggle your toes but your heel should be form-fitted. When the snow falls down, you want a shoe that fits well in order to avoid slipping and hurting yourself.


Avoid Dry And Cracked Feet

The cold weather is a big culprit of dry and cracked feet. From vinegar and Listerine soak to heel balms, make sure you are keeping your feet, specifically your heels, moisturized in order to improve your skin elasticity.


Contact us today if you are looking for the correct winter shoe to purchase. Our foot doctor serving Chatham can point you in the right direction.



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