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How to Prevent Foot Fungus in Winter

Foot Fungus in Winter
Foot related fungal issues are something most people worry about during the summer months. Hot, humid weather provides the perfect conditions for fungus to grow. However, fungal infections are a risk anytime of the year.

Winter weather may not seem like it offers the ideal conditions for athlete’s foot and other fungal infections to flourish, but there are various factors that can contribute to fungus growth you may not expect to encounter during the winter.

Ways to Prevent Winter Fungus

Foot fungus can be physically uncomfortable, embarrassing, difficult to eliminate, and pose serious health risks to individuals with diabetes. This winter season, follow the tips below to avoid fungal infections on the feet.

  • Change Your Socks and Shoes – We all bundle up to stay warm in the winter, and sometimes this can lead to sweaty feet. Unfortunately, when feet are kept in damp, dark conditions like winter boots and thick socks, fungus has an opportunity to grow. To avoid winter fungus on your feet and toes, change your socks regularly and don’t wear shoes that don’t breathe for long periods of time.
  • Apply Antifungal Foot Powder – Applying foot powder for fungus is an effective way to prevent fungus from growing by keeping your feet dry.
  • Don’t Share Shoes or Other Items – Avoid sharing shoes, socks, pedicure tools, or towels with others to prevent fungal infections.
  • Don’t Walk Barefoot – If you walk around a gym, hotel pool, locker room, or other public area without your shoes on, it can leave your feet vulnerable to a winter fungal infection. Wear shoes in public places to avoid exposing your feet to fungus.

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