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Summer Foot Care For Healthy Feet

With summer in Chicago in full swing, it’s important to practice effective foot care habits so no new problems arise as temperatures get hotter. With different summer activities and lifestyles, you’re likely to run into new, yet preventable, issues. Follow these easy tips to boost your foot health this summer.

Don’t Walk Barefoot Too Often

While of course sometimes it’s unavoidable and you may choose to forgo footwear, walking outside barefoot can bring about a multitude of problems. It increases your chances of sunburn, warts, athlete’s foot, ringworm, foot injuries, and other infections.

Wear Shoes at the Pool

While being barefoot in public spaces puts you at a greater risk of infection, if the ground is wet or moist in these places, your chances increase. It’s therefore vital to wear flip-flops or any other shoe around pools, at beaches, in locker rooms, bathrooms, and even on carpeting. This will prevent injuries and keep you from getting any bacterial infections that thrive in moist environments.

Apply Sunscreen

Remember that any part of your body exposed to the sun can get sunburned, including your feet! We tend to overlook sunscreen on our feet, however it’s just as important to re-apply every few hours if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun. Your feet can still get burned, leading to increased risk of skin cancer.

Clean Your Feet After Water-Related Activities

Different bodies of water can be potent with different bacteria that could lead to foot infections. Whether it’s a lake, river, hot tub, or public swimming pool, it’s always best to wash your feet off with clean water and soap, if possible, to reduce your risk of contracting any sort of foot infection.


Your feet are extra susceptible to the elements in the summer since you’ll most likely be wearing sandals and other open-toed shoes, in addition to walking barefoot occasionally. This can harden your feet as well as make the skin drier. Exfoliating with a pumice stone, foot file, or foot mask can get off any rough patches of skin on the bottom of your feet.

The bottom and sides of your big toe are where your foot is susceptible to extra roughness, so make sure to focus on those areas.

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Keeping your feet healthy all year round is possible with Mitchell Foot & Ankle. Tending to the needs of our feet over the summer is just as important as any other part of your body. By being vigilant about keeping your feet healthy, you can increase your overall health over the summer.

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