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When Should You See a Podiatrist?

Foot and ankle problems can happen for many different reasons. You could have rolled your ankle running, suffer from chronic medical conditions like arthritis or diabetes that affect your feet, or even have an ingrown toenail. These reasons, and many more, could mean it’s time to visit our ankle and foot doctor in south side Chicago.

Reason 1: You’ve started to run.

If you have begun regular physical activity and pain is getting worse, you may have a stress fracture. Do not run (or exercise) through the pain. See your podiatrist to treat any medical condition early and avoid these problems in the future should you continue to run!

Reason 2: You see foot discoloration.

If one (or both) feet appear red or discolored, there may be an infection. If your foot appears blue or purple, there could be a problem with the veins. If your foot appears white, you could be experiencing poor blood flow. These are all serious medical reasons to go to your foot doctor.

Reason 3: You have a stubborn toenail.

Ingrown toenails can start off pretty minor, but sometimes they become painful and even infected. When this happens, go see your podiatrist to make sure your toenails are treated properly and no damage is done.

Reason 4: You may have athlete’s foot that will not cure itself.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that normally begins between the toes. This is a very common case and spreads easily, so it is important to catch this sooner rather than later. Podiatrists can prescribe topical anti-fungal medications for you, as this is something treatable.

Our foot doctor in south side Chicago is happy to consult you on any medical issues you may have regarding your feet and ankles. Make an appointment today!


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