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Our Doctors Offer Ankle Pain Relief

If you have been suffering from chronic ankle pain that just won’t go away, regardless of what you do, it may be time to contact us at Mitchell Foot & Ankle for treatment serving Hyde Park. When you contact our office, we will complete a full evaluation to determine the underlying cause of the pain and to create a customized treatment plan.

There are several reasons you may begin to suffer from ankle pain. You may not even know why the pain started. Regardless of your situation, we can help. We have treated hundreds of cases of ankle pain successfully and can provide the same quality treatment for you. There is no reason to go through life in pain when we are here to help. We can help you get back to the things you love without pain.

Common Causes of Ankle Pain

The ankle is made up of the ankle joint, but in many cases, the lower portion of the leg and top part of the foot are also considered part of the ankle. The fact is there are several reasons you may be suffering from ankle pain, including:

  • Damage because of an injury
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Synovitis
  • Gout
  • Tendonitis
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Many of the above-mentioned conditions can result in ankle inflammation that causes pain. Regardless of why your ankle pain started, we are here to put an end to it. Not only will we fully evaluate your ankle to find the cause of the pain, but we will also take steps to help you strengthen your ankle after treatment to ensure the pain doesn’t come back. This is part of our commitment to help you live a pain free life.

Contact Us for an Appointment

If you have been living with ankle pain or recently began to suffer from it, it is time to contact us for an appointment. Ankle pain will usually continue to get worse without treatment, and if you wait too long, you may discover surgery is the only option for relief.

If you are ready to live pain free, Hyde Park patients can contact our staff in to schedule an initial consultation. Our goal is to help you live completely pain free, regardless of the type of ankle pain you have been experiencing. If you are a Hyde Park resident, feel free to contact us today to learn more and finally live a life free from any type of ankle pain.

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