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What Causes Cold Feet?

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No, we’re not talking about the kind of ‘cold feet’ that happen before making a major life decision! With the weather beginning to turn for the better in Chicago, we know many people will soon be asking themselves, “it’s finally warm outside, why are my feet still so cold?” Today, we’ll answer that question and offer possible reasons and solutions for this common issue.

Poor Circulation

Leading a sedentary lifestyle that includes many hours of sitting can contribute to poor circulation in your extremities. If your job necessitates hours of driving a car or sitting at a desk, be sure to utilize your break periods to stretch your legs and get in a few steps. For some individuals, poor circulation may be related to an existing heart condition.

Iron Deficiency

A diet that’s lacking in iron, an essential mineral, can result in inadequate production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are tasked with carrying oxygen throughout your body; with a limited amount in your bloodstream, your feet and hands may often feel cold. This condition is called iron-deficiency anemia and can be treated with diet changes and/or nutrition supplements.


Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can result in nerve damage of the foot. This damage can cause the sensation of coldness (despite a warm temperature) as well as actual coldness of the feet. Sometimes coldness of the feet is accompanied by numbness or tingling; it is very important to make an appointment with a foot doctor around Chicago.


Those living with hypothyroidism know that there are many ways the condition affects their metabolism. The thyroid is a key gland responsible for controlling many bodily functions including heartbeat and body temperature. An underactive thyroid can therefore result in reduced circulation and cold feet.

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