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Your Feet Can Burn, Too. Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Summer is in full swing and it’s been hotter than usual in Chicago. With people bringing out their sandals and heading to the beach as much as possible, it’s important to remember to use your sunscreen—even on your feet. Our foot doctor serving Chatham broke down the facts for you when it comes to the sun and your feet.


Using Sunscreen On Your Feet


When you apply sunscreen, you should be lathering up from head all the way down to your toes. Whether you are at the pool, beach, or just walking around town in sandals, make sure you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Apply sunscreen on the tops and bottoms of your feet.


Check Your Feet


Regularly look at your feet and toes for any symptoms of skin cancer. Some things to look out for are abnormal-looking moles or freckles anywhere on the foot (even your toenails and soles). If you do notice any abnormal spots and the spots begin changing in shape or size, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Early detection is key and treatment could help save your life.


Risk Factors


When it comes to skin cancer, risk factors can be similar for your feet, such as excessive unprotected time in the sun as well as a family history of skin cancer and fair skin. Even if you are at low risk, you can still develop melanoma on your feet.


Make sure you stay protected this summer with lots of sunscreen and as-needed checkups with your foot doctor serving Chatham. If you would like to make an appointment, you can reach us at 773.324.3338 or submit a form on our website!


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