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What to Expect During Corn Removal Surgery

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Corns and calluses on a person’s feet are common causes of pain and discomfort while walking. The three types of painful corns a person might experience are soft corns, hard corns, and seed corns. When it comes to identifying which type a person is suffering from, a podiatrist will consider its texture, location, and appearance.

At our podiatrist’s office in Hyde Park, our foot doctor can help by identifying the issue and providing corn treatment. For stubborn corns, corn removal surgery might be necessary. Fortunately, this foot care surgery is a minor procedure followed by a relatively quick recovery. The procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes.

Corn Removal Surgery

We will begin preparing you for the procedure by sterilizing the affected area of your foot. A local anesthetic will be administered, preventing you from feeling anything but pressure during the surgery. Our podiatric surgeon will then use a scalpel to shave away layers of the corn until the root has been removed. Some patients bleed during this process and may require stitches. 

Aftercare & Recovery

As corn removal is a minor procedure, most patients will recover in 3 to 7 days. Certain factors can extend recovery, such as the patient’s age, the depth of their corn, and their lifestyle habits. The patient will need to limit normal activities until their foot is fully healed and avoid tight-fitting shoes. We provide footcare instructions specialized to each individual before they leave the office.

Experiencing Foot Pain?

It’s important to visit a podiatric specialist if you’re noticing discomfort or pain through everyday activities. Let our team of foot care professionals help you get back on your feet—in comfort! Contact us today to book an appointment.


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