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Winter Foot Care

When spring finally reemerges, you’ll want your feet to be healthy and ready for warm weather activities and sandals. That’s why it’s important to take care of them all winter long. For us here in the Midwest, winter means slogging through deep snow and braving sub-zero temperatures. To help keep your feet in tip-top shape, follow the suggestions below, and if you do experience a foot or ankle injury, reach out to us and book an appointment with our highly skilled foot doctor near Beverly.

Winter Sports

If you are a winter sports enthusiast who enjoys skating, snowboarding, and skiing, it’s important to make sure your boots fit properly. Your heel, instep, and ball of your foot should be immobilized, but your toes should be free to wiggle – and never substitute footwear that isn’t specifically designed for your sport or activity. Also, you might want to use orthotic inserts to help control your foot’s movement inside ice skates or ski boots.
Dedicated runners can continue pursuing their sport during winter months as there is now a wide array of moisture-wicking, light-weight active wear available to keep runners warm and dry as the thermometer plummets. It is important to note that if you are running in icy conditions, it is better for your feet to shorten your stride to help maintain balance than to change your foot-strike pattern. Cold weather also makes you less flexible, so don’t forget to stretch before beginning your run.

Winter Footwear

When dealing with winter precipitation, boots are a must. Make sure they are waterproof and wear warm socks to help keep your feet toasty. However, you might discover that this combination makes your feet sweat more, making them prone to fungal and bacterial infection. To help keep them clean and dry, use foot powder inside winter socks and consider adding a daily foot bath to your self-care routine during the winter.
Lastly, although it seems like it should go without saying, don’t wear sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals and go tiptoeing through the ice and snow. Instead of risking injury and frostbite, our experienced foot doctor near Beverly recommends selecting cold-weather footwear that will support your feet properly and keep them warm and dry.


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