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How to Keep Feet Warm in the Winter

Keeping your feet warm during the colder winter months not only keeps you more comfortable, but also keeps your feet healthy. There are many tips you can follow to warm up your feet, no matter how cold it is outside. Follow some of these tricks from the team at Mitchell Foot & Ankle.

Wear Warm Winter Boots

A good pair of winter boots isn’t something you should skip out on. Making sure they have a thick sole, keep your feet warm and dry, and are waterproof not only keep your feet warm but also prevent hazards such as falls or frostbite. You’ll thank yourself later for investing in a good pair of boots now.

Use Toe Warmers

If socks just aren’t doing it for you, toe warmers can be a powerful little tool. Especially if you spend a lot of time outside, putting them in your socks is a great way to prevent frostbite. Even if you’re inside your home, they can provide you with some extra warmth and comfort for up to six hours.

Heat Up Your Shoes Before Putting Them On

Planning ahead could make all the difference. Especially in Chicago where temperatures can drop pretty low, having shoes that are already heated up can keep your feet warm when you step out in the freezing cold winter.

Try putting your shoes over floor vents or a radiator to warm them up. If they were damp from snow or ice, this will also dry them off. This will ensure your feet will be dry and warm all day!

Stay Active

While we may equate wintertime with being more sedentary, it’s important to still keep up with some physical activity each day. Staying active has a multitude of benefits, including increasing blood flow to your feet and keeping them warm. If you’re sitting at home with socks on and feel like you have cold feet, try doing some jumping jacks or jogging around. You may be surprised to find how much it can help keep your toes warm!

Contact Our Foot Doctor in Hyde Park

It’s vital to keep up with your foot health in winter, and Mitchell Foot & Ankle is here to help you do so! Our team of experts is well-versed in many different foot and ankle health- and injury-related issues. If you’re experiencing any foot problems, the longer you wait to get them checked out, the more damage you may be doing to your body.

Don’t delay; call today to schedule your appointment so you can stay on top of your foot and ankle health this winter!

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